About Us

My name is Christine Wynne and I am the head writer and editor at Global Trekkers. Global Trekkers is a collection of travel stories and advice that began as an idea during a trip to India. It was during this journey that I realized I could combine my skills as a photographer and storyteller with multimedia to create a virtual journey so that others could experience the same joy of discovery. After a lot of hard work and many experimental formats, I have created this website for your enjoyment.



The stories in Global Trekkers have been selected to give the reader firsthand knowledge about how people live, work and play in these often remote settings. Global Trekkers gives you real insight into each location, providing you with information on culture and points of interest while hopefully in a sense, giving you an insider’s view. We often avoid the typical tourist attractions that only scratch the surface. Each location has been chosen because of its unique qualities that place you in a foreign environment, while being within the reach of the traveler who is on a budget. (So as not to offend anyone, I describe a “foreign environment” as any location that has a geography or culture that is different from what one is accustomed to).


Our goal is to present stories from unique locations around the world, offering information, still photographs and advice. We want to inspire our visitors to travel to these locations and experience the adventure of a new discovery with the insight of a seasoned traveler.

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